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Managing an Endowment

It’s fair to say Endeavor aims to be the first organization people think of when it comes to individuals giving back here in Northwest Arkansas. Establishing donor funds and addressing community needs through our strategic focus funds are certainly top priorities, but there’s a very important part of what we do that generally remains in the background—managing endowments for nonprofit organizations.

While the term “outsourcing” typically brings to mind big corporations, it’s exactly the kind of relationship many nonprofits have with us. Endeavor currently manages endowed funds for over 28 Northwest Arkansas nonprofit organizations. Like all endowed funds, the basic goal is to provide long-term support by distributing the fund’s earnings back to your organization. In addition, the investment oversight we provide allows nonprofits to spend less time on investment management and place greater focus on what’s truly important—fulfilling their organization’s mission.  

Simply removing the administrative burden of investment management isn’t the only advantage, though. Our investment managers pool all of the Foundation’s endowed funds with other dollars intended for long-term investment. The resulting economies of scale give your organization access to some of the industry’s top money managers and help reduce overall investment fees. Endeavor understands that just because you hand over the administration of your endowment, it doesn’t mean you’re not interested in results.   

Placing an endowment with Endeavor is an important decision involving a number of steps, and we appreciate how much thought you and your board will need to put into it. That’s why we’re more than happy to answer any of your questions, regardless of where you’re at in the process. Whether you’re ready to make a recommendation to your board or just have some general questions on the program, let us know how we can help you.