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Director of Diverse Social Networks

Purpose Statement

The Director of Diverse Social Networks works with the community to expand the number of people in Northwest Arkansas with diverse social networks (or personal relationships across socioeconomic lines).

Position Relationship

Reports to: Josh Hall (Endeavor Foundation)
Coordinates with: Endeavor Foundation staff and all partnering organizations for the purpose of multiplying diverse social networks in NWA.

Position Qualification

Required experience and training: Bachelor's Degree in Community Related Field or Equivalent.

Desired experienced and training: Excellent communication and relational skills. Proven experience in leadership.

Special requirements of the position: Knowledge and awareness of health and human services in NWA; ability to develop in-depth community relationships and partnerships; understanding of community resources; understanding of economic, cultural, and racial diversity.

Key Skills

  • Excellent communicator/trainer
  • Proven experience with program development and implementation
  • Deep knowledge of Health and Human Services
  • Deep knowledge of economically, culturally, and racially diverse populations
  • Experience with researching national trends and best practices
  • Excellent people skills
  • Excellent writing skills, including the ability to distill concepts into clear and succinct documentation
  • Highly flexible and adaptable
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to give and receive feedback
  • Systems and strategic thinker
  • Excels and operates in a fast pace environment

Essential Responsibilities

  • Works closely with partnering organizations to develop and build a community wide playbook for establishing best practices around diverse social networks in NWA.
  • Builds buy-in for developing diverse social networks among organizations
  • Researches local and national best practices and trends in the area
  • Establishes the "Phase 1" expansion of diverse social networks by partner organizations
  • Establishes the planned "Phase 2" expansion of longer-term diverse social networks by partner organizations when ready
  • Aids in the creation of tools used to enhance community knowledge and implementation of diverse social networks in NWA.
  • Trains partner organizations in the tools needed to evaluate the quality and impact of diverse social networks
  • Assists organizations in the implementation of the community wide playbook regarding diverse social networks.
  • Distills learning from partner organizations into developing model for diverse social networks
  • Implements the community wide strategy for the expansion of diverse social networks in NWA.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@endeavorfoundation.net. Thank you!